Greenhouse hiring software pricing tiers

Greenhouse designs our pricing tiers to be accessible for all companies. Prices vary based on the size of your company, giving you room to grow as your hiring needs change.

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Product pricing designed to support your growth goals


Build, streamline and manage a more structured hiring process and a more inclusive candidate experience.

Talent sourcing

  • CRM Essential + 1 event
  • Multi-channel sourcing
  • Job Ad Market

Scalable workflows

  • GDPR compliance
  • Security and performance
  • Automated task management

Interviewing & decision-making

  • U.S. Standard demographic and EEOC questions
  • DE&I behavioral nudges
  • Company DE&I statement
  • Candidate name pronunciation
  • Collect candidate pronouns

Reporting & insights

  • Core reports
  • Goal-setting and tracking


Uplevel your recruiting infrastructure to configure, scale and automate processes as you grow.

All Essential plan features plus…

Talent sourcing

  • CRM Essential + 10 events
  • Internal and multi-brand job boards

Scalable workflows

  • Advanced data configuration
  • Single sign-on
  • Bulk action and approvals
  • Automated user management and stage transitions rules

Interviewing & decision-making

  • Candidate self-scheduling
  • Auto-advance and reject

Reporting & insights

  • Custom reports


Customize your hiring processes with more sophisticated tools, more robust reporting and more security safeguards.

All Essential plan and Advanced plan features plus…

Talent sourcing

  • CRM Expert + unlimited events
  • Prospect actions
  • Texting, powered by Grayscale*

Scalable workflows

  • Enhanced security and performance
  • Expert data configuration
  • Developer sandbox
  • Bulk import
  • Automated permissions management
  • Sandbox sync*

Interviewing & decision-making

  • DE&I structured interviewing
  • Anonymized take-home tests
  • Focus attributes for roundup
  • Required scorecard explanations

Reporting & insights

  • Business Intelligence Connector
  • DE&I-specific reports
  • Custom demographic questions
  • Audit log*

*Additional cost

Add these hiring solutions to your core recruiting functions

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Help new hires feel like part of the team from the moment they sign an offer letter and set them up for quick wins and long-lasting success.

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Sourcing automation

Find, reach and engage top talent quickly and effectively, with the insights you need to become an expert in sourcing – and turn more candidates into hires.

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Manage recruiting at scale, with increased efficiency, advanced reporting capabilities and reduced chances for human error.

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Build a custom tech stack with 500+ integrations and open API, with data that automatically syncs back to Greenhouse.

Customer Success

We have three teams dedicated to your success, connecting you with experts who will help you tackle any hiring challenge.

Meet the teams
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Meet with a Greenhouse hiring expert to discuss your company’s specific hiring needs and challenges to decide which tier is right for you – and learn how Greenhouse can help you hire better, all-together.

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