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Talent sourcing that helps you reach your hiring goals

Greenhouse helps connect you to the most qualified candidates across a global network of job boards so you can build a strong, deep and diverse talent pipeline. Greenhouse talent sourcing solutions will help you:

  • Find, reach and engage top talent quickly and effectively with Sourcing Automation
  • Empower recruiters to build better relationships with candidates
  • Build a structured referral program and incentivize your employees
  • Optimize your sourcing strategy with data-driven reports
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Recruiting reporting tools that turn your hiring data into powerful insights

Greenhouse has a robust, flexible array of tools that make it easy to get answers from your data, giving everyone the insights they need to make better, more informed hiring decisions.

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Greenhouse Recruiting reporting

Custom services set you up to succeed with Greenhouse

Greenhouse Services help you become expert users faster, so you can more efficiently and effectively hire, onboard and retain talent. Our Services team of experts can help you:

  • Build, connect, integrate and optimize your hiring process to get better results faster
  • Simplify complex, technical decisions so you can focus on what matters most – hiring
  • Minimize the friction of getting started with a new system
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Hiring tools to help you navigate distributed work

As businesses worldwide move to a fully distributed working model, you may be facing some new challenges around hiring. Greenhouse can help you:

  • Assess and engage candidates virtually
  • Enable distributed interviews without skipping a beat
  • Tap into video interviewing tools, including SparkHire and Zoom
  • Onboard new hires seamlessly, from anywhere
  • Manage distributed hiring teams
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Greenhouse distributed hiring tools

Recruiter and hiring manager tools create a great experience

  • Smart UI for fast navigation and screen updating
  • Custom dashboards provide vital information in one place
  • Calendly scheduling eliminates back and forth
  • A simple and speedy resume review process
  • Our mobile app keeps things moving when you’re on the move
Recruiter and hiring manager tools


Greenhouse enables organizations to easily scale their hiring process. You can set unique workflows, processes and permissions by department, location, region or country.

  • Advanced workflows and permissions allow you to control what kinds of processes are used
  • Configure unique permissions at your organizational level, through to the user level
Greenhouse scaleability tools

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