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Reporting made simple: Getting started with essential reports

Learn the Greenhouse reporting basics that will set you up for data-driven hiring success. Join this webinar on-demand, to hear from our Greenhouse experts and gain the tools and confidence to execute your hiring reports with ease.

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Build a solid reporting foundation

Your reports are only as good as your data. How you structure your Greenhouse account will have long-reaching implications on your hiring data. We’ll help you understand how to lay the groundwork for better data practices and more accurate reporting.

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Answer common questions with essential reports

Get ahead of stakeholder requests by generating reports that help you identify where you’re performing well and where your process could use some fine-tuning.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate reporting tools and determine which essential reports fit your needs

  • Adopt best practices for foundational data structures that yield more powerful reports

  • Use essential reports to answer the five most common recruiting questions

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