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168 Integrations

168 integrations found for category "screening-tools"

Screening tools

Screen candidates at each stage in the process.

Background checks

Use Greenhouse to get your background checks rolling.

Accurate logo

Accurate Background

We optimize every facet of the client and candidate experience to deliver the background checks you’ve always wanted.

Assurehire logo green


Modern screening platform, delivering first-class customer experiences and unmatched automation

Asurint logo


Asurint swiftly provides complete, accurate and compliant pre-employment background screens.

Atlantic Employee Screening BW Logo

Atlantic Employee Screening

See how our quick, compliant reports with old-fashioned customer service will enhance your hiring processes!

Certn logo


The most comprehensive global background checks in 15 mins, without compromise. (USA, Canada and more!)

Black checkr logo


Conduct compliant background screenings with Checkr’s fast, modern platform.

Choice Screening logo

Choice Screening

We are more than background checks. Partner with us for exceptional service, compliance & education.

CompuFACT logo


Streamlining background checks and drug screens for over 24 years. FREE INTEGRATION. FASTEST RESULTS!

Data Facts logo

Data Facts

Data Facts’ background screening provides a full suite of products and U.S. based, personalized customer support.

ESR logo

Employment Screening Resources (ESR)

ESR named the #1 background screening firm by HRO Today. Check out our award-winning technology and service!

Emptor logo


Quick and reliable identity verification and background check platform for hiring across Latin America

Equifax logo


Make more informed hiring decisions with Pre-Employment Verifications from Equifax.

I-9 and e-verify

Automate I-9 and E-Verify processing for new hires

Tracker Corp logo

Tracker Corp.

Tracker offers the industry’s most advanced I-9 and E-Verify compliance suite.

Reference checks

Streamline the reference check screening process with tools that automate and gather candidates’ personal and professional references.

Crosschq logo


Crosschq’s cloud-based platform brings reference checking into the 21st century.

Harver logo h 1c black

Harver Reference

Streamline the entire reference checking process and gather higher quality feedback in less time

Hi People logo


Hire the best talent, faster. With best-in-class Talent and Recruiting Analytics. All insights in one place.

Kodiak HR logo


Turn candidates' past performance into data with KodiakHR's automated reference check solution

Refapp BW Logo


Make informative recruitment decisions through digital reference checking with Refapp

RefNow logo


Simple Employment Reference Checks

Searchlight BW Logo


Searchlight’s gold-standard references and rich data analysis help companies hire top performers.

SkillSurvey logo


SkillSurvey’s cloud-based solutions help organizations make more informed hiring decisions faster.

VidCruiter logo


Gather critical information on hundreds of applicants without picking up the phone or engaging in long email threads.

Xref logo


A best-in-class, global solution that makes reference checking fast, simple and secure

Image 16


We're an all-in-one background and reference-checking software that supercharges the capabilities of ambitious HR and hiring teams. Our range of integrated solutions turns bad to brilliant, saving weeks of team time while building brand love.


Screen candidates with online skills tests.

Adaface logo


Customized AI screening for each software role to evaluate all on-the-job skills, not just coding ability.

Adaptilab logo


Standardize your data science and machine learning hiring & identify quality candidates with automated technical screens

Affintus logo


Identify your top candidates and improve the quality of every new hire using science built on decades of research.

Alva Labs logo

Alva Labs

Assess automatically and rank objectively. Choosing the right candidate became easier.

Aspiring MInds logo


A cloud and mobile enabled comprehensive portfolio of assessment tools to help you test talent for 100s of job roles.

Aon logo

Aon’s Assessment Solutions

Aon's assessment solutions take the objective measurement of candidate information to the next level.

Arctic Shores BW

Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores' assessment gives every candidate the opportunity to show their potential - and every employer the means to see it.

AssessFirst logo


Predictive psychometrics for HR leaders and managers recruiting and developing talent.

Assessio logo


Our tools and tests are based on the latest research, helping you build a successful organization.

Astronaut logo


On-Demand Video Interview Platform With Everything You Need, Easy-To-Use & Reliable

Bar Raiser BW Logo


Leverage the community of interview experts to hire the best and most diverse talent by conducting fair, transparent, and efficient interviews.

Brainsfirst logo


BrainsFirst’s games assess brain functions fueling performance. Bias-free & neuroscience-based.

Video interviewing

Screen candidates by having them record a short video answering a set of predefined questions.

Aspiring MInds logo

Aspiring Minds

AI-scored video interviews to screen and identify best-fit talent without the hassles of on-site interviews.

Bright Hire logo


A next-gen interview platform to scale better, faster & less biased hiring, built on Zoom and Greenhouse.

Cammio logo

Cammio Video Recruiting

Cammio helps employers add personality to the CV with a best-in-class candidate experience.

Canvass BW logo


Pre-record your interview questions and invite candidates to respond in their own time.

ConveyIQ logo


Convey enables companies to create customized communications based on where candidates are in the hiring process through messaging, scheduling, screening, and interviewing – all in one integrated platform.

Ducknowl logo


A talent screening and assessment platform that is revolutionizing the screening process.

Easyhire logo is a cloud platform to plan, track and conduct job interviews.

Google Meet logo

Google Meet

Help your team stay securely connected with enterprise-grade video conferencing built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure.

Hireflix logo


Create video interviews and invite candidates to record their answers at their own convenience.

Hire Hunch Gray Logo


An Interview As A Service platform that helps you hire the best engineering talents faster.

HireVue logo


Virtual Interviewing, Assessments, and Conversational AI to Simplify Hiring at Scale

Interviewer.AI logo


Audiovisual assessment platform to automate your first round of interview.


Support hiring from underrepresented populations and screen potential hires for Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Walton logo

Walton Management Services

Walton, a leading provider of tax credits delivers the most advanced solution for companies to maximize employment-based tax credits. logo

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available to employers for hiring employees who meet eligibility requirements

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