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Reference checking done right

Your people are your organization, and the people you attract, manage and develop will be – by far – the single biggest driver of your success. But too often, hiring is based on ‘gut feel’ and unreliable data because obtaining real feedback from references is hard. SkillSurvey Reference® is a cloud-based, data-driven solution that helps you quickly access job-specific feedback on a candidate’s soft skills and core competencies from people who know how your candidate performs on the job, their references.

Much of the criteria you use in hiring decisions is limited to the information the job candidates provide to you – so having the perspective of those who have worked with your candidates in the past will help you better understand if they will be a fit for the position you are trying to fill. We offer two options for reference checking so you can select the referencing model that meets your hiring needs.

The Pre-Hire 360® workflow is a scientifically validated, job-specific process that has been proven to reduce turnover for cause. With the Pre-Hire 360 workflow you can:

REDUCE TURNOVER. Client research results show involuntary turnover can be reduced by over 35% (in just the first year).

INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS. Free your recruiting teams from phone-tag, data collection and reporting tasks - so they can focus on finding more great candidates. When you add up the significant staff time-savings, lower potential turnover costs and reduced third-party expenses, the solution provides a significant return on investment.

IMPROVE THE HIRING JOURNEY. Use data-driven insight to guide the interview process and make more strategic decisions. With our candidate comparison report, behavioral interview guides, and reference feedback report we make it easy to get the information you and your hiring managers need to make more informed hiring decisions.

CONVENIENT, CLOUD-BASED AND MOBILE SOLUTION Makes it easy to get started and for candidates and references to respond anytime, anywhere— via text messages and email. On average our customers see an 85% reference response rate in just a day or two.

ONLINE DASHBOARD MANAGEMENT AND REPORTS Helps recruiters manage open positions, survey selection, and communications regardless of the workflow chosen.

EXPAND YOUR TALENT NETWORK. Tap into a new source of passive candidates with SkillSurvey Source® by inviting references to join your talent community and requesting candidates to provide referrals to discover a new, and ever-growing talent pipeline.

We also offer a customer configured workflow so you can tailor how you reference check for different jobs and levels of employees to provide a best fit solution that matches your organization’s reference checking needs. Using this feature, you define both the reference process and questions used by your organization for specific groups, segments or types of jobs.

CONFIDENTIAL You determine if responses are confidential or not

REFERENCES You determine the number of references required

QUESTIONS Customers can author the questions asked of references or leverage questions from the Pre-Hire 360 library

See first-hand how quick and easy it can be to get insightful feedback from references with our free 30-day trial of SkillSurvey Reference: