Ruutly transforms text job descriptions into beautifully-branded, interactive candidate experiences.

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Transform job postings into candidate experiences

Online job description design hasn’t changed since the 90s. Why? Because that’s when they were brought online from newspapers and grocery store bulletin boards.

Decades have passed since then and every element of your talent acquisition has evolved. You use a forward-thinking ATS, you’ve doubled down on social hiring and you’ve optimized every piece of the process and now it’s time to do the same with your online job descriptions.

An integration with Ruutly gives your brand the power to evolve your job descriptions past text and bullet points to create a candidate experience that aligns with the experiences your candidates expect.

Why Ruutly?

Impressions that Last.

When was the last time a candidate experienced your job postings? Not simply scanned them for keywords or potential salary information. Ruutly puts your brand front and centre of a memorable and lasting, interactive, candidate experience.

Insights that Matter

You want to know how candidates are experiencing your job postings. You want to know how long they’re spending there, what they’re doing while they’re there and what content converts. Ruutly tracks the data that matters: # of views, # of interactions, time on page and # of applies.

Integrations that Win

Ruutly integrates with your current recruiting tech. There’s no extra assembly and no complex IT involvement required. In most cases, you add your Greenhouse ID to your Ruutly profile and may need to copy and paste a single line of code into your job postings template. It’s. Dead. Simple. And we’ll help at each step of the way.

Ruutly gives you the power to tell your brand story directly in your job descriptions, directly through Greenhouse, and track the impact it has on the candidate experience.