Place an Apply Later button on your job pages & increase application conversions by as much as 14%!

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Capture, engage, retarget and convert candidates

The Problem

According to studies by Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, The Talent Board and others, over 42% of candidates do not apply to jobs right away. This means that candidates visit your career site, see jobs they are interested in, but are leaving because they aren’t ready to apply just yet. In fact, the #1 roadblock to candidate engagement is the inability to capture interested candidates.

So, who are they? How do you get in touch with them?

Will they come back and apply to that job they were interested in?

The Solution

Enter Rake’s Apply Later™ solution.

Simply place an Apply Later button on your job pages and see an increase in application conversions.

With Rake, two things are accomplished. First, it provides a service to the candidate by allowing them to get reminders to apply to that job they were interested in. Reminders are via email, calendar and sms messaging.

Second, start collecting contact information and learn about who is visiting your site and what they are interested in. Since the candidate has indicated an interested in a specific job and intends to apply later, this is a very warm lead. It also provides you with an opportunity to leverage your employer brand and start a dialog with that candidate.

Your Brand. Your Data

Rake is a white labeled solution. We customize the look and feel of the button and communications, thus providing candidates with seamless experience.

The collected contact information is entirely yours and can be inserted directly into Greenhouse as a prospect.

Easily turn on the Apply Later™ button and be up in running in days!