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Remove friction from interview scheduling and deliver an incredible candidate experience with Prelude, part of Calendly.


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Streamline your recruiting scheduling today

Scheduling Automation and Candidate Experience Built for Recruiting Teams

Prelude supercharges recruiting coordination for fast-growing teams like Airtable, Duolingo, and Cloudflare, enabling them to deliver a standout candidate experience that converts quality talent faster.

Speed up the recruiting cycle and reduce time-to-fill

Fill talent pipeline faster, increase show rates, and screen and interview candidates more efficiently.

Reduce manual tracking and continually optimize recruiting processes

Connect your calendar and ATS with Prelude to simplify your workflow, minimize time toggling between tabs, and update candidate records automatically

Improve the candidate experience

Deliver an unforgettable recruiting experience that helps build rapport with your top candidates. Handle complex preferences, load balancing, and reporting for all interviewers.