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Autonomously sources, screens & selects candidates, reducing time to submit whilst improving quality.

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Stop searching, start engaging

Pocket Recruiter autonomously sources, screens & selects candidates, reducing your time to submit by more than 40% whilst improving the quality to a candidate to interview ratio of 90%+.

It can mask a candidate’s personal identifiable information to ensure a mitigate the bias in the selection process.

The underlying AI

Our machine learning is specifically designed for talent acquisition and comes with built in pattern matching that enables it to match job descriptions to potential candidates with high accuracy right out of the box.

Additionally, the AI engine learns from historical data from your existing ATS as well as from every user interaction, using its own unique supervised learning algorithms.

Pocket Recruiter also continuously analyzes new candidates and jobs, searching for patterns on its own, and enriching its own vocabulary, through our own advanced unsupervised learning methods.

The journey

Pocket Recruiter performs 6 different steps:

  1. Through our API with Greenhouse, we analyse the historic data. Who have you hired before, who is currently in the job, who are the top performers. This results in an institutional knowledge for talent acquisition and an understanding what good looks like for you.
  2. We extract, read and understand the job description - what does a candidate require to be a qualified candidate.
  3. We combined the learnings from step 1 and 2 and build a super sophisticated search string. It is used to Searches, selects, scores and ranks candidates from all sources (internal and external) in seconds. The same criteria are used to screen, score and rank in-coming applications.
  4. We learn from your TAs’ actions and generates new criteria based on learning.
  5. We syncs candidates with your existing workflow in Greenhouse ensuring organizational compliance and minimal workflow interruption
  6. You can set timings and thresholds for Pocket Recruiter to do the sourcing, screening and selecting for you autonomously, without any human intervention

The features

  • Self-learning AI
  • Job board and LinkedIn integrations
  • Intelligent sourcing and pipelining
  • Search existing staff