Close more candidates with personalized email outreach, automated followups, and instant scheduling.

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Close more candidates with personalized email automation

Mixmax is the communication platform custom-made for sourcers and recruiters. We integrate with Gmail so you get the time-saving benefits of automation — without losing your personal touch.

Track opens, clicks, and downloads with read receipts
Know exactly which candidates open your message and when. There are candidates who open your message 10 times but don’t reply — now you can follow up and give them the nudge they need to move forward.

Schedule meetings instantly
Schedule phone screens and interviews without the back-and-forth. You can even schedule on your hiring manager’s calendar.

Write faster and better with templates
Create and save templates to reuse and share with your team. You also get analytics for opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations, so you know which messaging is most effective.

Personalize bulk emails instantly with Mixmax Sequences
Send hundreds of personalized emails in minutes with sequences. With delegated sending, you can send messages from your hiring manager’s Gmail account.

Set reminders to follow up
Now it’s easy to keep in touch with candidates who play the long game. With reminders, you never miss a follow-up.

Schedule emails to send later
Send emails when your candidates will read them. Write an email at night and send it in the morning, or whenever your candidate is most active in their email.

Make your emails stand out
Set your company apart with embedded YouTube videos and visual web previews.

Embed polls and surveys
Easily add polls and surveys to get focused responses from your recipients.

Share any email to Slack or other services
Turn any email you receive or send into a link to share on your favorite services.

Know how your team is performing
Create custom reports with Insights, so you know which sourcers and recruiters are reaching out to more candidates and getting better results.

Get the whole team up to speed
We offer customized trainings to get your team up to speed in an afternoon.