Fortay is a leader in culture scaling: Hire the right talent faster, promote diversity and nurture your company culture.

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A smart culture scaling platform for leaders

Building a high-performing company culture is one of the most important priorities for the leaders of any organization.

Fortay provides a holistic data-driven toolset that enables to scale or evolve your company’s culture, as well track and improve employee engagement!

Your best people define your company's unique cultural profile, and with our cultural benchmarking tools, you can screen candidates for relative team fit. Unlike psychometric (persona) based solutions, Fortay focuses on the collective beliefs and values of your best employees. Fortay promotes diversity by focusing on objective results for relative culture fit in just 5 minutes.

Our solution will help you identify promising candidates faster, reduce screening times, and significantly reduce your cost per hire. We also complement technical and cognitive tests to hire the best candidates.

Here’s what you can expect by implementing Fortay into your hiring process:

• Increase both hiring efficiency and quality of candidates

• Objectively nurture or evolve your company culture

• Leverage actionable insights to improve employee engagement

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“We started using Fortay when we were first building out our recruiting system and have made it our primary initial screen for candidates. It solved a unique problem we had: how to hire for culture without bias. Furthermore, it has allowed us to cut down time spent on candidates with a very low culture match by prompting all candidates to take the Fortay survey in advance of our initial discussion.” -- CTO

“When we introduced Fortay into our hiring process, it helped to very quickly identify individuals who may not be a good team match before spending time assessing or interviewing for their technical or professional fit. Fortay has helped reduce the risk of favouring skills fit over culture fit, and it has saved us an average of 10-20 hours for each role by removing candidates early on who just are not the right overall fit for our company.” -- Daryl

"I absolutely loved the cultural assessment of my own employees as it told me a few things I had not even considered. It has an eerie ability to take those normally intangible aspects of culture and transforming them into something useful and actionable. Right now, it is providing a valuable piece of objective data about the job candidate my team and I use to help make a decision on who we will offer a job. Since I've started using it, it helped with 3 hires and we are just getting started" -- CTO