Factorial HR changes the way companies manage their HR processes, through an all-in-one platform, improving productivity and efficiency.

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The all-in-one platform covering all your HR needs

Factorial HR is an online space that allows you to centralize your HR processes in one single platform, helping you streamline costs, gain insights about your organization and focus on what really matters to your business. Factorial HR simplifies the way human resources are managed in small and medium-sized enterprises. For all the HR needs of your organization, including time-off management, document sharing, attendance tracking, recruitment, payroll, benefits, insurance and much more, Factorial has you covered.

Improving Efficiency & Productivity

Factorial is changing the way companies build human teams. To free up time for HR managers to focus on this goal, Factorial HR offers tools that allow them to take control of their day to day.

With over 80% of an HR manager’s time typically spent on cumbersome and repetitive tasks, they tend to have little opportunity to focus on cultivating their team culture. With Factorial HR, the day to day tasks of HR are streamlined so that HR managers can spend more time focusing on increasing productivity in the workplace.

As a result of automating much of the HR processes necessary to run a business. HR managers have more time to focus on building synergy and connection within their teams, improving employee satisfaction, and creating a defined company culture.

Factorial supports HR managers, employees, and companies:

HR Managers

  • Automate tasks - Allows HR managers more time to focus on building their teams. With automatically generated HR reports, payroll summaries, and time-off requests, you can streamline your HR processes.
  • Organization - Improve your recruiting process through a careers page, while keeping track of applicants via the applicant tracking system.
  • Support your team - Let your team manage their holidays and absences with ease.
  • Time tracking - Simplifies attendance and time management.


  • Employee Portal - Manage your personal profile in one place. View your payslips, contract, and other documents in your employee portal.
  • Customization - Easily request or modify time-off, manage your holidays and requested leaves.
  • Improved Communication - Stay up to date with all the events and happenings within the team.


  • Reports & Analytics - Keep better track of employee and company documents, payroll expenses, create your own reports panel, and generate custom reports.

Optimizing business management - Generate your company’s organizational chart, and manage the workforce within the company.