Empirical Hire

Machine Learning based assessment platform for ongoing hiring optimization. Assess-Validate-Adjust.

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Turn your recruitment into a learning process

Empirical Hire platform enables companies to utilize their people metrics to transform people-related decisions into a learning process.

Using a 10-15 minutes pre-hire assessment, we help you predict who will stay longer and perform better.

We do this by Comparing recruiting scores to actual performance, Tapping the traits that have the highest predictive power, and Adjusting our platform to better predict performance.

Why Empirical Hire?

Hire right with data- Empirical Hire improves your hiring process by adding a data driven AI layer to your professional judgment. Our screening test is based on sound behavioral science and actual performance data in order to help you pick the best from the rest.

Eliminate hiring biases - By constantly comparing test results to actual performance we can make sure our test doesn't discriminate different groups in the population. We only use assessment methods that were found to be unbiased.

Reduce turnover – By comparing our test results to employees' actual performance we can utilize the traits responsible for higher retention and help you identify applicants who will stay the longest.

Optimize for top sales and service - Our machine-learning algorithm is specially designed to identify high-potential applicants in sales and customer service positions with traits that resemble existing top performers in the company.

Improve as you go - Our AI system gets smarter with every new data point, constantly optimizing recruiters' decision-making.

Awesome applicant experience - Short and powerful! Applicant experience is important for your ongoing brand-building. That's why we select only questions with high predictive power to build a 15-minute test that will create an engaging applicant experience.

Our platform allows organizations/HR to:

  • Utilize existing KPI data to accelerate the recruiting process predictive ability.
  • Learn and improve from each recruiting success and failure.
  • Map each position unique DNA and see how each applicant compares.
  • Continuously track recruiting success rate and ROI and become a true strategic business partner.