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Turn past applicants into future hires

CareerBlitz is an AI sourcing platform that turns past applicants into hires.

We believe companies are sitting on a goldmine of resumes: past applicants that may not have been a fit a couple years ago, but are a great fit for open roles today.

Rather than evaluating a candidate at one snapshot in their life — an initial resume screening — CareerBlitz tracks candidates over the course of the career and intelligently resurfaces candidates when they’re a fit for your open roles.

Candidates delivered weekly:

Each week, you get 10-15 curated candidates delivered to your inbox sourced from your past applicants. Each candidate has context on why they were chosen, and a full set of personalized email templates & follow-ups.

With the click of a button, CareerBlitz automates outreach to these candidates and sends appropriately timed follow-up messages to increase responses.

As a result, CareerBlitz users consistently hit 40% reply rates on outgoing messages and >60% of teams set interviews in their first week.

Refreshing candidate information:

To create a holistic profile of a candidate’s skills and abilities, CareerBlitz aggregates online information from social profiles (LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, and more) and tracks the additional roles this person has held after applying to your company.

In addition, our AI reviews the candidate’s most recent resume on file as well as their interview notes and rejection information to understand why this candidate wasn’t a fit previously. We look for skill gaps, missing soft skills, and general experience levels to accurately review candidates.

Using AI to intelligently resurface profiles:

After creating this full candidate profile, measured from the viewpoint of human interviewers coupled with public social data, we employ 2 algorithms to resurface candidates for your roles: skill mapping and trend analysis.

CareerBlitz’s proprietary skill mapping technology specifically looks for skill information from the open job description to map base level technologies to their related synonyms and unique identifiers.

Technical terms like Python will be mapped to related libraries and frameworks (Django, Flask, Numpy, Pandas) while non-tech terms like prospecting are mapped to terms like (lead generation, X, Y).

This allows our AI to properly find candidate that meet skill qualifications even though they may not explicitly state this in their resume.

Next, we use trend analysis to understand current trends around this role: general career progressions, new skills common to the role, and standard promotion tracks to uniquely identify candidates that are about to make the jump to a similar role but would have otherwise been missed.

Sending candidates to your inbox:

Once candidates are resurfaced by CareerBlitz, we use AI to generate marketing-optimized, personalized messaging to ensure each candidate has a fantastic candidate experience.

Every single email sent through CareerBlitz is uniquely personalized based on the candidate’s past accomplishments, how these accomplishments specifically relate to the open role, and information about your company.

After sending out the initial message, we employ channel switching to follow up with the candidate through text messages, LinkedIn messages, and emails to increase response rates.

Adding a human touch:

As an added level of personalization, every CareerBlitz message is reviewed by a member of our Customer Success team to include another human touch in your recruiting process.

We believe every person in the world has a perfect-fit job out there based on where they are in life and who they are as a human being. If we match someone to their perfect-fit job, they're going to have a life where they feel happy, fulfilled, and financially secure.

At CareerBlitz, we've built the technology to solve this enormous matching problem between job seekers and employers to quickly place candidates into their perfect-fit role.