Arctic Shores

Measure your candidates’ personality traits and workplace intelligence.

Arctic Shores is the potential-based hiring company, working with hundreds of organisations, including PwC, Siemens and the Ministry of Justice. Their unique assessment - created in partnership with professors at the University of Oxford - measures personality traits and workplace intelligence together, and in completely new ways. Say goodbye to traditional assessments, and hello to:

  • Improved diversity

  • Reduced time-to-hire

  • Slashed recruitment costs

  • A unique candidate experience that turns applicants into advocates

Key benefits:

  • See beyond the CV, with an assessment that reveals your candidates’ potential to succeed in a role

  • Harness the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and data science to reduce unconscious bias and make your recruitment process fairer

  • Access subject matter expertise with our Business Psychologists, who work with companies like PwC, Talk Talk, and many more

  • Assess consistently, with automatically generated interview questions, tailored to the roles your hiring for

  • Reduce test anxiety for candidates - helping them to enjoy the process, and you to see true potential

  • Reasonable adjustments for neurodiverse candidates

  • Available in eight different languages

  • Affordable, predictable fees

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