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Article, Candidate experience

Top 2019 talent trends: Candidate experience

Welcome to the next installment of our series on 2019 trends. Did you miss the first post? We explored the massive increase in the number of remote and distributed workers and the impact this change…

Article, Candidate experience

From good to great: Entelo’s tips for taking your candidate experience to the next level

The phrase “candidate experience” has proved to be one of the most significant HR buzzwords in recent years. And if you’re even remotely dedicated to great hiring practices, you know that it’s not a…

Article, Candidate experience

Employer branding tips from Airbnb, Hired, Looker and Greenhouse

Ah, fall. The new season brings cooler temperatures (at least to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), pumpkin spiced everything… and the pressing sense that we’re drawing to the close of another…

Article, Candidate experience

The dos and don’ts of delivering feedback to candidates and employees

Does the mere mention of the word “feedback” make your heart race and your palms sweat? If so, you’re not alone. Opening ourselves up for constructive criticism (or being the ones to offer it) can…

Article, Candidate experience

Candidate experience essentials: Tips from FabFitFun, Checkr and Greenhouse

Is it enough to simply meet candidates’ expectations when they go through the application process at your company? Greenhouse’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Jacqui Maguire , doesn’t think so.…

Article, Candidate experience

How to create a flexible interview scheduling process that improves candidate experience

The hiring process can seem labor-intensive from the recruiting – and applicant – perspective. There is so much to process from creating the job application to finally filling the role. Candidates…

Article, Candidate experience

Improving your candidate experience: 4 lessons from the Workplace Intelligence Report

When it comes to hiring, the pressure is on. There are a record number of job openings, automation is transforming work as we know it and an entire generation of baby boomers is poised to retire…

Article, Candidate experience

Is your recruitment process pushing away top talent?

Recruiters know great candidates are hard to find in such a competitive market – and they don’t want to let them go. To truly understand the candidate, and successfully convert them to a hire, you…