UK workers reveal their top priorities in the 2023 Candidate Experience Report

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What do UK candidates care about in 2023? Flexible work policies are a top priority, according to this year’s edition of the Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report, which surveyed over 800 UK-based employees. According to the report, 77% of workers would actively search for or be open to a new job if their company rolled back flexible work policies. This data highlights the fact that workers now expect flexibility – it’s not just a pandemic perk.

It’s also clear that inflexible companies will struggle to hire top talent – over 40% of candidates will not apply for a role that doesn’t offer their preferred working model. Almost half of UK workers – 47% – prefer a hybrid model while 11% say they prefer a fully remote model.

Pay transparency a top priority

UK candidates value pay transparency so much that a company’s choice to publish salary ranges for their roles can influence their decision to apply for a role. Over 40% of respondents said they were more likely to apply to a job posting that includes a salary range. Nearly one-quarter (24%) of respondents said they were less likely to or would not apply to a role if it does not include a salary range.

The report highlights that workplace expectations have changed significantly since the pandemic. Hybrid work is seen as the new norm given its proven success over the last few years. Also, salary transparency is sought after more than ever before. Organisations need to adapt to this new era of recruitment conditions or run the risk of missing out on top talent and ultimately business success. Colm O'Cuinneain, General Manager of EMEA at Greenhouse

Ghosting still a common occurrence

Over half of all respondents (57%) have been ghosted by UK employers after a job interview. And despite companies committing to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts, the report found that bias is still a significant concern in the hiring process. Historically underrepresented candidates face a 20% higher chance of being ghosted, compared to white candidates. Earlier research from Greenhouse also found that almost 40% of respondents who identified as Black have faced discriminatory questions, compared to 31% of white respondents.

Candidates reveal what makes job listings attractive

In addition to flexibility and transparency, candidates say there are several ways companies can stand out with their job listings.

  • The four-day workweek is compelling to candidates. Almost 70% of workers say they would be more likely or will only apply to a job that offers it.
  • A positive work environment – especially in the form of increased compensation/salary, greater job security and better flexible work policies – is what attracts candidates to new roles.
  • A reasonable list of requirements can often make or break a candidate’s decision to apply for a role. Almost one-fifth of candidates (16%) say they will not apply for a job unless they fit all the skills required.

Tips for retaining existing employees

What drives workers to seek new roles in the first place? According to the Candidate Experience Report, the top reasons employees cite for leaving include less competitive compensation, a lack of job security and the lack of clear career advancement opportunities. These findings highlight the fact that workers aren’t expecting fancy perks on the job – they prefer to be treated with respect and given opportunities to grow.

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Melissa Suzuno

Melissa Suzuno

is a freelance writer and former Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse. Melissa previously built out the content marketing programs at Parklet (an onboarding and employee experience solution) and AfterCollege (a job search resource for recent grads), so she's made it a bit of a habit to help people get excited about and invested in their work. Find Melissa on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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